Dear collegues

9th CEHC conference in association with 6th Academy of Contemporary Hepatology is scheduled on 10-12 October 2019 in Warsaw. First of all please let me know as soon as possible your availability and confirm participation of yourself and people from your countries. The Program of CEHC meeting will be as always mixture of current hepatologic topics which are important for us. Regarding Academy it will be focused on HCV elimination and we are going to invite representatives from WHO, ECDC, ELPA and CDA (Homie Razavi already confirmed participation). Of course I hope that you will be able to add value to the Academy with your presentations. For example from Croatia it could be interested to get information about the program of mobile diagnostics which as I know started in Your coutry Ivica (as I know Boris Luksic is involved). From Hungary interesting could be effect of HCV register on elimination and what is evolution and future of your unique program of patients recruitment. As I know in Czech Republik therapeutic program in prisons just started, so first experiences could be interesting.

Please confirm participation and possible topics for lectures and discussion as fast as possible. Any response by the end of this week will be of value.

kind regards,

Robert Flisiak

Prof. Robert Flisiak
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President of Central European Hepatological Collaboration
President of the Polish HBV Expert Group
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