UEG Week 2023

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UEG Week, Koppenhága, Dánia 2023. október 14-17. (UEG Week online programme)
Abstract beadási határidő: 2023. április 28. (Submit your abstract by April 28!)

Az UEG felhívása:

We want great science. We want your abstract! Check out the UEG calls & guidelines and submit by your abstract by April 28, 2023.

UEG prides itself on being a multidisciplinary, multinational organisation that brings great gastroenterology together. Your abstracts are what help us continue to achieve this goal. Submit by April 28, 2023!

UEG Week 2023, October 14 – 17, 2023, truly is the platform for you to share your science with the worldwide GI community. Submit your abstract by April 28, 2023!

Want to take your science to the next level by gaining international exposure? You’re in the right place. UEG Week has become a premier international meeting, offering a platform to present clinical and basic gastrointestinal and liver research. Submit your abstract by April 28, 2023!

Your time is now! Step onto our global stage and let your science speak for itself by submitting your abstract to UEG Week by April 28, 2023. We, as well as the tens of thousands within our myUEG Community are eagerly waiting to see what you’ve discovered.

As the largest scientific medical congress in Europe, submission to UEG Week is a guaranteed way to increase the degree to which your science is seen. In 2023 we are pleased to again host a hybrid congress, where we will deliver top science as well as increased exposure.

What’s the benefit for you? Well, there are several.

Having your abstract selected for UEG Week 2023 means vital recognition and long-term visibility.

Once selected, your scientific work –

• has the opportunity to reach a massive international audience.

• is published in the highly renowned UEG Journal.

• is included in the universal online source for digestive health, the UEG Library.

• provides the opportunity for you to engage in scientific exchange and gain insightful feedback.

• may qualify for the National Scholar Award, Travel grants or the Top Abstract Prize

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