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This prize is awarded each year to the most promising, emerging scientists.

It provides a durable platform for these young researchers to further evolve their professional career. Awardees are jointly selected by the National Societies Committee and the Scientific Committee based on a track record of international quality research and developing scientific independence.

Apply for Rising Star Awards 2021 by September 10, 2020.


Target group

  • Basic, translational and clinical scientists at any level (but a full professor title will not be accepted)
  • Applicants must be max. 40 years of age or younger (born September 10, 1980 or later; add two years to age limit per child as main carer).
  • Country of residence must be Europe and/or a country bordering the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Candidates must be supported by a UEG Member Society
  • Candidates may apply maximum 3 times for the Rising Star Award.


How it works

To apply, please follow these steps: